Want to have some high-flying fun? The Trampoline Arena is where you need to be! Nothing is average in here, even the Trampolines.


Take on the best to BE the best! We will make sure to have a championship song on standby. It is the least we could do!


There is lots to do with 15,000 square feet of Trampolines! Learn a new trick, bounce as high as you can, or slam dunk a few. It’s your world, you get to decide!

Ninja Obstacle Course

Do you have the skills? This course will see about that! Challenge your buddies or yourself to see who the Course Master is. A Spider Wall, Shifting Ladder, and a few other difficulties are standing in your way.

Rope Swing

It’s simple. Rope Swing + Foam Pit = It’s a No Brainer! Give your best push off the starting platform and swing out as far as you can!


This is not your typical Climbing Gym! Climb over 30ft high while testing your skills. The Climbing Area has enhanced walls to challenge you in more ways than one! Grab your crew and head over to see what all the talk is about.

Adrenaline Tower

You pick, 15 ft or 30 ft. It’s a Climb to the top and a fun ride down! Our Adrenaline Tower gives you the chance to put your intestinal fortitude to the test. Once you get to the platform, take a daring LEAP off and enjoy the ride.

Fun Walls

Climbing isn’t boring and neither are our walls! Grab a friend and race to the top of the Speed Walls or try out the Hanging Blocks, but beware they get a little antsy and move around.


Boulder your way to our Slide! Kidsand kids-at-heart love sitting back and letting the Slide do the work for them. Our Speedy Slide makes everyone smile!

sky scraper steps

Balance time. Hit our Skyscraper Steps to test your balance skills! If you make it to the top, it is just a short hop back down to the bottom.


Everyone is a winner in our Arcade! Take a chance on a claw game, show off your home run swing, buckle in for a wild ride, or grab a snack to satisfy any sweet tooth. Our Arcade is out of this world!

Flight Simulator

Grab a friend and buckle up. Our Flight Simulator takes you on the wildest of rollercoasters without leaving the building. If you are an adrenaline junkie, THIS is for you!

Batting Cages

No strikeouts here! Take a few cuts or bring the team for batting practice. We have the only indoor Batting Cages in the area. There is plenty of space to test your Home Run Trot too!

Arcade Games

Head over to try your hand at scoring a major prize in the Key Master. Show your kids who is boss at Space Invaders. Hear that? The Prize Center is calling your name, we know you’ll win BIG!

Ice-cream Machines

I Scream, You Scream, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! Mini-Melt Ice Cream is our favorite treat. The ice cream robot is pretty ~cool~ too!


At The Factory, we know how to throw a great Party! Did we mention we love mess-free Birthdays? If a Birthday is not what you are looking for, don’t worry, we have it covered. Bring in a Group to play, let us plan your office Team Building training, celebrate the Championship with the team, or get Locked In all night (are you team #NoSleep?). Maybe you want to make learning fun and bring your class for a Field Trip. If you can think it, our Event Team can make it happen!

Party Packages

We have two stress-free,mess-free Party Packages to pick from. Factory Parties are the best way to celebrate & have a blast! If you are looking for a Party that is extra VIP, ask us about our Private Parties.

Group Events

Do you have a BIG Group of friends? Want to celebrate the big win with your team? Check out our group rates! Book with our Event Coordinator to get the best deal.

Corporate Events

Get out of your stuffy office and come have fun. Balance work with play & get the whole team together. Contact our Event Coordinator to build a Team Building Event that will always be the tip story at the water cooler!


Did someone say all-nighter? At The Factory our all-night Lock-Ins are a Factory Exclusive. Bring a pillow and blanket to keep you comfortable if you decide to sleep on all the fun. Pick your music. Bring your snacks. Jump into a night full of epic Dodgeball games, sick slamdunks, and more!